Solitaire Master 3

Solitaire Master 3

Solitaire Master 3 is a solitaire suite with 450 card games
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Solitaire Master 3 is a solitaire suite with 450 card games. You can play your favorite solitaire games choosing from this huge collection, which includes the classics (games like Free Cell, Thirteen, Forty Thieves, or Klondike) and around 150 brand new games. You can customize the back and face of the cards and the backgrounds, along with your gameplay preferences.

Each time you start the game, you will be asked for your name. The reason for this is that Solitaire Master 3 keeps a detailed statistical record of every player’s performance. It records which games you have played, how many times you have won, how many times you have lost, and other similar data.

You can choose to play individual games or take "Tours". A tour is a set of games that you must play in sequence. Solitaire Master 3 comes with fifteen built-in tours, but you can create as many tours as you like, and save them for later use. You can even create your own solitaire game using the Wizard. Of course, you can save your creations and play with them using this program.

The free trial version of Solitaire Master 3 will let you play for sixty minutes.

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  • Besides its huge games collection, it allows you to create your own solitaire games


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